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Manny Gonzalez Presents: How to Live Faithfully as an LGBT+ Christian

This Friday, February 2nd, Hackett students have the opportunity to hear from another guest speaker, Manny Gonzalez. Manny is a dynamic Catholic evangelist currently studying to obtain a Master’s Degree in Catechetics and Evangelization. In addition to his studies, he has also been featured by many notable Christian ministries such as Jason Evert’s Chastity Project, the National Catholic Register, Courage International, FOCUS, Catholic News Agency, and the Sophia Institute.

His evangelization started with his unique characteristics of being a faithful, practicing Catholic and a young speaker who has had first-hand experiences with same-sex attraction. This Friday he will be presenting "What a Beautiful Cross: Journeying as a Faithful Disciple with an LGBT+ Experience" which has touched the lives of many young LGBT+ Christians.  

The Hackett Staff has taken the initiative to invite Manny to answer students' questions on homosexuality.  In Principal Scoles’s words, the goal is to go above and beyond the topic of “What does the church teach about homosexuality?” through the answers to the questions of “Is the Church’s teaching on human sexuality realistic? Is it livable? Can people who are attracted to members of the same sex find joy and fulfillment in the teachings and lifestyle the Church offers them?”.  

Many students and parents alike have raised questions about the information being delivered in this speech, as it is a controversial topic. However, Manny continues to deliver his message of God’s unconditional love and approaches the topic in an easily understandable way, which can be seen on his website at We are so fortunate to have such a renowned speaker visit our Hackett community! 


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