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Meet Our Hackett Student Leadership Team!

There is so much thought and effort put into creating a successful school environment, especially during the first weeks! So far this year, the Student Leadership Team (SLT) has helped the new freshmen smoothly transition into what is looking like another successful school year at HCP! By decorating lockers, giving tours to the incoming freshman, and planning for the homecoming celebration, the leadership team has hit the ground running.

According to the Student Leadership Charter, “The Student Leadership Team is a group of Juniors and Seniors, selected by the faculty, who work to define and build Hackett Catholic Prep culture. This group runs orientation for new students, provides consistent mentoring to Freshmen, and serves as role models to the Hackett community by fostering kindness, accountability, and school spirit.”

Need advice, help finding a class, or more information on our current events? Now you know who to ask! The SLT will continue to meet with the freshman throughout the year discussing important topics like study habits, SAT prep, final exams, and more. Members wear very identifiable shirts and they are always available to help. The SLT is happy to help make your high school experience the easiest and most enjoyable it can be!


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