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Mr. Scoles: New Principal of HCP

It's a new year at Hackett Catholic Prep and with this particular new year comes a new principal: Mr. Scoles. Mr. Scoles, formally theology teacher, is now the

head of the Irish and with a new principal comes many questions from the student body. Today we interviewed the man himself and can hopefully satisfy the curiosity of the masses.

The standards for the Hackett education are set at a high level, which Principal Scoles acknowledges. In our interview, he reveals his thoughts for how he can make sure that teachers and students have the most successful teaching/learning experience, saying “If I can put all of the teachers in the building in a position to thrive and to become their best versions, that's going to have this powerful trickle affect down to all the students.”

With so many things going on at Hackett, whether its education or extracurricular, it's hard for one person to have an impact on so many aspects of student life, but as a principal this is one of the many obligations that must be fulfilled. “I'm hopeful that whether it's academics, whether it's athletics, whether it's extracurriculars, whether it's spiritual growth, whatever; that I will have a direct impact on helping every single student really achieve their fullest potential.” With this information, it's great to see that we have a principal that genuinely cares about us students individually and actually wants to help us in succeeding in all that we do.

As a Catholic school, we hold a faith-led environment and the HCP staff is accountable for promoting a faith-filled life to students so that we may come to know Christ through their example. Principal Scoles places utmost importance on this, and takes it upon himself to help the staff in their own relationships with God so that they may share it with the students. "One of the things that I would love to see is helping each and every staff member come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way.”

“I can't do this on my own… It is too big of a job for one person to do and so I have to stay grounded in prayer,” says Principal Scoles when asked about how his faith life has an impact on his position. Principal Scoles makes prayer a daily part of his life; even during the long days on the job he still finds time to pray in peace. “...Success so far is to get here early enough that I can get to the chapel and I can start my day with the chaplet of divine mercy…”

“I would love for them to be able to look down the road 30/40 years and say man, Hackett is doing awesome things and I was there for part of it.” Principal Scoles gives his thoughts on how he thinks this generation of students are a part of something great right now and the best is yet to come for the future of Hackett.

Rich in tradition and intertwined with faith, Hackett Catholic Prep has been a top school since its creation in 1964. With extremely successful sports teams and top tier academics Hackett has always been a top school in the state of Michigan. Principal Scoles has big shoes to fill but he is ready and willing to lead Hackett into its greatest years.


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