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New Morals Take the Hardwood

“Compete, have fun, play for God.” This new motto of the Hackett men's basketball team encapsulates their Christian attitude. 

The new coaching staff has emphasized the Catholic faith in everything the team does. This includes praying before and after every practice. Junior and captain Brooks Basler says these prayers, “bring us closer together as a team.”

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The Catholic Faith is carried out by not just what they do, but what they refrain from doing. The basketball team refrains from things such as swearing on the court or trash talk as those actions are considered distractions from glorifying God.

The image of Hackett is important to the coaching staff and to the entire athletic department as sports teams reflect our school's values to other schools and inspire people to know the mission of Catholic schools. Junior Nolan Silkworth said, “I think that Hackett’s image is important to represent, whether at the game or with the team at a restaurant.”

The coaching staff cares more about the young Christian men that are formed than their performance on the court. Junior Tyler Brand said, “The team has inspired me to pray the Rosary and attend Church more regularly.”


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