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On Both Sides of the Camera

Most seniors are on one side of the camera during senior photo season. Senior James Reasoner, however, is on both sides. James has spent this summer and fall taking students' senior photos around the Kalamazoo area as well as his own.

James uses Instagram to showcase his talent, taking pictures of seniors at Hackett and other schools in the area. His talent is recognized throughout Kalamazoo as his photos are being reposted by students all over social media!

Along with this hobby James takes on the role as yearbook editor putting his skills to great use for the school. While Hackett doesn't offer a photography class, James has been more than willing to teach students how to take photos for student events, the yearbook, and the Clover. He has also been in charge of the senior class pages including senior photos, family photos, and baby pictures. As a writer and editor for the clover James has put in lots of work in teaching the class how to use the camera and goes to many school events taking photos for the articles. He is a great example of the creativity and uniqueness Hackett promotes within our community. 


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