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Preserving the 'Irish Family', CSGK Tailgate

CSGK welcomes you to the annual Homecoming Tailgate, on Friday, September 29! Hackett will take on the Panthers of Watervliet, on their home turf, Mayor's Riverfront Park. There will be pulled pork and mac n’ cheese, as well as yard games, and vintage Irish wear.

I interviewed Keith Crowell, CSGK’s Advancement Director, about the upcoming tailgate. He expressed his excitement for the event explaining, “This is a special time for past alumni to reconnect and mix with current students and families.” Keith described further, “Overall this is a long-term goal of CSGK, to keep the ‘Irish Family’ connected”. What better way to strengthen the community than by gathering together over food and games.

We need volunteers to help make this year’s tailgate a success. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Katie Ackerman at

Make sure you stop by to see what the ‘Irish Family’ is all about!


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