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Putting the Best Foot Forward: Hackett's Newest Student Groups

Since the beginning of Mr. Scoles' tenure as principal, two new student groups have been formed with different purposes, but both aimed at bettering Hackett. Student Council and Student Ambassadors are both groups that work with the administration to make our school the best it can be.

Both of these groups recently formed in the past few months, and there has been confusion about their purpose. Some students didn't even realize that there were two separate groups.


Student Council consists of 15 students, with four from each grade except the freshman who only have three members. The members were voted on by the student body earlier this year, with each grade electing their own council members.

I asked Mr. Scoles if he could provide some information on Student Council, and he told me this, "Student council is focused more inside the school, as a way for students to bring concerns, problems, and ideas to improve the school." 

I interviewed one of the senior members, Cameron Nobis, for more information. I asked her if she enjoyed her position and she told me, "I do, I enjoy it a lot actually." Student Council had their first meeting on December 12 and will continue to meet every Tuesday to discuss these important matters.

The difference between Student Council and Student Ambassadors is best summed up by something Mr. Scoles told me, "It's the difference between internal and external." I further asked him about Student Ambassadors and he said, "Student Ambassadors is more focused outward. It's bringing in prospective families that want tours of the school. It's attending functions that have donors and alumni."

The members of Student Ambassadors are students hand-picked by Mr. Scoles to represent our school to potential new Hackett families. They are Hackett putting its best foot forward to bring in new students.

I talked to a Student Ambassador, junior Isaac Root, to ask him about his role. He told me about an experience at a recent open house, saying this, "We got to sit and listen to some of the parents talking about their experience at Hackett and give tours." 

Both groups seem like an excellent move by the administration. Student Ambassadors will help to bring in more students for the school, while Student Council will ensure that current students don't feel neglected by the administration, allowing their voices to be heard.


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