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Scouts of the School

The Boy Scouts of Hackett and What They've Accomplished

Hackett students participate in a very diverse set of activities, from school related extracurriculars to outside groups and club sports. One well represented group is Boy Scouts. Scouting makes young men into strong leaders that contribute to the community. There are six Hackett students involved in boy scouts: Keegan Gallagher, Colin Gallagher, Greg Brown, Alex Dugas, Michael Dugas, and Roan Borton.

The goal of every boy scout is to earn the rank of eagle, the highest rank in scouting. To do that they need to earn at least 23 merit badges, be an active member of their troop, participate in scout meetings, go on campouts, and hold positions of leadership. The final step on the trail to eagle is the eagle scout project. An eagle scout project is a service project planned out by the scout, they have to get a group of volunteers together to complete it. Keegan Gallagher, Colin Gallagher, and Greg Brown have all achieved the rank of eagle.

Keegan’s project was to build shelters for stray cats at the SPCA.

Greg’s project was to restore a storage shed on the grounds of St. Augustine Cathedral School.

Alex Dugas is currently working to complete his eagle scout project. He is repairing the track shed, and hopes to finish it up next May. He Started it this October during the Serve-a-thon with a group of about 7 volunteers. They stripped the paint off the walls, preparing them for painting in the spring.

Scouts go on many new adventures through campouts and learn new skills through Merit Badges. Merit Badges are little courses on different subjects or activities. There are merit badges on everything from sailing to fingerprinting. If there is a sport you've always wanted to try your hand at, you can find a merit badge for it. If you are interested in learning about career opportunities, you can get a first hand experience in the field of your interest.

On campouts, scouts learn various camping skills that can be used on high adventures such as Philmont. Philmont Scout Ranch was owned by Oil businessman Waite Phillips and was donated to the Boy Scouts of America in 1938. There are 315 miles of hiking trail in the 140,000 acres of backcountry. The scouts go on a 12 day backpacking trek, visiting various different camps with activities related to the wild west such as blacksmithing or horseback riding.


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