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Season of Giving: Donations to the Hackett Library

Wednesday, November 8th, 2023, the Hackett Library was gifted a generous donation of over 180 books. Pricilla & John  Willson and Jack Campbell each decided to contribute a portion of their literature collections to Hackett to help the students and their learning. 

Willson gifted 162 books about topics including the Palestine, Israel, Gaza, The Vietnam Conflict, World War II, etc. They belonged to her and her deceased husband John Wilson, a former Kalamazoo businessman, and an avid book reader and lover of history. Several students went to her house to collect the books which are now in the process of being cataloged and placed in the Hackett Library.  There will be a special section for the Willson Collection, it can be found at the base of the stairs as you enter the library.

 The other 18 books were donated by Jack Campbell, who is a retired lawyer and a parent of a Hackett alum. The books include many different relevant historical topics. According to Mr. Stockwell, these donations will be very helpful for the AP World History class in their topics near the end of the year.


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