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Seasons Greetings from Hackett!

As the seasons change and Hackett students prepare for Homecoming, the hallways gear up for a new look with their students. Our Hackett Student Leadership Team has decided that this year's themes for hallways will be different seasons!

Hackett students in the past have loved the theme days and always go all out for the decorating. Last year you could see inflatable Christmas decorations, a grill, and a moody red light.

This year our Freshmen will be winter, Sophomores with the spring, Juniors decorating for the fall, and the Seniors have the summer.

If my forecast is correct, we will see pumpkins, Halloween decorations, and dead leaves in the Junior hall. Flowers, sunshine, and vines from the Sophomore Hall. Christmas trees or inflatables in the Freshman hall, but hopefully, there will be no snow! As the summer ends, Seniors can still hang on to the warm times with pool noodles, sunshine, and sand.

In the past, the Freshmen have been the least decorative, so this year we hope to see some more Freshmen pride!

Although all the students scheduled to decorate on the 25th, there were some complications, and the Junior and Senior classes had to push their decorating schedule back.

On Tuesday, we see the Freshman hallway, with its cool winter theme, and their counterparts, the Sophomore spring-time hallway.

After school on Tuesday, we see the Seniors decorate their hallway with their vibrant summer theme.

Finally, on Thursday, the Juniors put up a few decorations; however, the fall theme is lacking, with only a few Halloween decorations.

Ultimately, the hallways can only be as good as the effort put into them.


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