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Senior Spotlight: A Natural Born Performer

When it comes to performing, Lillian Davis has always excelled at being the star of the show. She spent her early years dressing up as a variety of Disney princesses, so modeling and performing on the stage of dance competitions in intricate costumes was second nature to her. Her dancing represents everything she stands for: grace, care, and determination. 

Lily was born on November 8th, 2006 in a small, rural town called Big Rapids in Michigan to her parents Sara and Doug. She attended a Catholic school called St. Mary for her pre-K to seventh-grade years with a principal who inspired her love for math and science by starting a middle school STEM program. For her eighth-grade year, she had to make a massive transition by moving to Kalamazoo and attending St. Augustine’s, leaving behind her friends and dance studio back in Big Rapids. 

Although Lily had to adjust to her new normal, she found many new opportunities that awaited her in Kalamazoo, especially in dance. She has been dancing since the age of 3 and started her competitive career at age 8. As a Freshman in high school, she already became a part of the elite varsity team, a position usually occupied by upperclassmen. She crushes her competitions seemingly with ease, winning many of them with her graceful and technically demanding solo dances. She even placed top ten at her national competition in her Junior year. Dance and Lily are synonymous; they cannot exist without each other.

Lily’s success is not just limited to the stage, as her impressive work ethic extends to the classroom. She consistently gets high scores in every subject, but most notably in the sciences. Her all-time favorite subject is Biology, and she attributes this preference to her time spent around farm animals in Big Rapids, as well as her amazing dogs Champ, Amy, and Rocky. 

Lily will be attending the University of Loyola Chicago and will major in Biology. Her main aspirations at the moment are to qualify for their dance team, as well as to continue to excel in the classroom to become a veterinarian. She looks forward to all of the new experiences that await her, as well as the chance to live in the famous city of Chicago. But as she waits, Lily enjoys spending her time with her family, getting in beach days, ice cream runs, and enjoying the incoming summer breeze. We cannot wait to see what she will accomplish in the future!


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