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Senior Spotlight: A Well Loved Lexi Wild

When you open Lexi’s yearbook, you'll find nothing but sweet farewell messages. Lexi is one of the girls everyone loves and gets along with. We are all sad to see her go, and will miss her and the 4 years we spent together. 

Lexi loves to play soccer, and has been playing since she was 5 years old. She plays as the goalie for the Hackett girls soccer team, and is the team captain. As the team captain not only is it her job to help lead the team to victory, but to set a good example for the underclassman of what it means to be a good teammate. 

Knowing Lexi, it is no question why she was chosen for this position. Lexi never fails to put a smile on peoples faces, and is never anything but positive. Sophomore Ali Johansson says “Lexi is such a good teammate. She is so nice and always includes everyone”. Lexi makes soccer an enjoyable and fun sport for everyone on the team. 

Not only is Lexi a good leader on the soccer team, but she is also a great leader at school. She is one of this year's Earth Club leaders, publication leaders, and works hard to take and pass 4 AP classes. She is not just a good leader in class though, she is also a great example of what it means to be a good friend. Theresa Keyte says “Lexi is always super fun to talk to. You can have a conversation with her about anything and she's just so relatable… I love her”.

I’ve had the pleasure of becoming better friends with Lexi this year, and there is nothing you can't laugh about with her. She is always interested in what you're up to, and loves to fill you in on her life too. She likes to hangout with her friends and her boyfriend in her freetime, and is best friends with her twin Lauren. Lauren recalls a time when they were younger and had to get shots. Lauren was crying because she had to go first, and Lexi cried because she was sad to see Lauren crying. 

Lexi is a sweet, compassionate person. She will be missed by everyone at Hackett, but she will take her leadership and personality with her to Indiana University this fall to major in marketing and go far in the future.


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