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Senior Spotlight: Adam Houseman

Adam Houseman is a very involved person, he participates in many different activities and keeps himself busy. Adam is currently working on his business plan; computer repair. He has been working on computers since he was six years old, his love of video games has played a role in his appreciation of a quality machine and the parts that keep it running. Mr. Adrian has been a huge influence on Adam’s entrepreneurial endeavors. Mr. Adrian shares his knowledge about owning his own business in real estate and gives Adam advice. 

Not all of what Adam does is for profit, he enjoys reading in his free time, mostly historical books about important people or conflicts. Adam has participated in 4-H since he was 5 years old. He has been exposed to many things-from sewing, to caring for livestock. Through 4-H kids can choose to “represent” a large dairy farm and display their cows at a showcase, Adam received the title of “Grand Champion” at his dairy show, which means that he had the best-showing cow. 

Even with all these activities outside of school, Adam is also part of the bowling team, concert band, and marching band. Adam has been on the bowling team for three years, he is very grateful to have been able to compete at the regional level and hang out with friends.

Adam has been taking band class since fifth grade, he enjoys high school band more because there is a lot more variety. Through concert band Adam learned a lot about himself, he learned to be responsible and diligent, learning his part so that the whole band sounds good. Adam has been able to travel with the band on trips to Mackinac Island and Gatlinburg Tennessee. Some of his favorite memories from high school are from these band trips, eating in the Grand Hotel, and Hiking in the Smoky Mountains. 

Next year Adam plans to attend GVSU to study computer engineering. He is excited to get his business off the ground and share his knowledge with the world.



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