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Senior Spotlight: Alex Dugas, Setting Himself Apart

Alex Dugas shines with his confident and laid back personality and is known for being an outspoken and honest member of the class of 2024. Even during the writing of this article I got a lecture on the proper use of commas, highlighting not only his confidence, but his willingness to express his thoughts on any topic big or small. These traits he claims he has gotten from his parents have contributed to his excellence in and outside of Hackett. 

Alex’s excellence extends into being an amazing teammate and friend. His laidback attitude as well as being extremely reliable sets himself up to be the ideal teammate and band mate. Alex’s extracurriculars consist of being on the Hackett Robotics Team, Hackett Soccer Team, and being a part of a garage band called “The Cerulean Fish”. In each of these activities Alex holds an important role, whether captain, goalie, or drummer his teammates and friends will be the first to say he definitely fulfills it. His willingness to speak up and make a change helps to hold himself and his team accountable. Specifically his role in being the goalie of a soccer team who made it all the way to the state semifinals really goes to show how reliable and trustworthy Alex is not only in soccer but as a person.

As impressive as all of Alex’s extracurriculars are his leadership in robotics as the co-captain of the 2024 team is what he thinks sets him apart the most as well as has set him up for the future. His traits of dedication, determination, and patience were perfectly displayed throughout this robotics season, a season which definitely put his relaxed and confident attitude to the test. Alex’s years doing robotics are what furthered his fascination with engineering and overall led to his future plans of attending the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for Mechanical Engineering. 

Alex also prides himself on his academic achievements as they stem from the amazing examples of academic excellence Alex has, his parents. They are both professors at K College and have raised Alex as well and his brother and older sister to value the importance of education. His excellence could also very well stem from a little friendly competition with his twin brother since they always seem to be comparing grades or awards of some kind. Either way Alex’s support and motivation in academia proved very successful as he received the KRESA Excellence in Education Award with a 1,200 dollar college scholarship this spring. With Alex’s extensive list of achievements and the confidence and drive to have accomplished them, we have no doubt Alex will continue to do great things at Rose-Hulman. 


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