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Senior Spotlight: Alex Stanek – Laughing All the Way

They say laughter is the best medicine, and Alex Stanek just might be the cure for all sickness. With a laugh so contagious it is impossible not to smile when in her presence. Alex is one of the most bubbly and energetic people you will meet, and she can easily brighten anyone’s day.

Alex is able to anticipate the needs of others and she showcased this perfectly through her position as team captain of the volleyball team. The volleyball team did not have a coach for weeks at the beginning of the season; therefore, all the preseason training sessions and conditioning workouts were run by Alex. Despite this overwhelming task, Alex pushed through and helped bring the team to success throughout the season.


When Alex is not out on the volleyball court she enjoys a variety of other activities. One of her most recent ventures is playing pickleball, she loves competing against her friends and family on the court and is known for the little bets she makes. In addition to her pickleball passion she also enjoys watching a variety of shows and movies. Her necessary commentary during them makes it quite an enjoyable and theatrical experience. If you are ever needing a show recommendation on Netflix, Alex will surely put you on to the best Netflix has to offer.

If the saying 'the way to someone's heart is through their stomach' holds true, then Alex certainly knows how to win people over. Alex has grown up with an appreciation for good cuisine and has learned from her father as well as developed an interest in cooking herself. Alex shared that her favorite type of food to cook is Italian, and her family travels to Clevland every summer for the Italian Feast in Little Italy. Whether it be Thanksgiving, which has been coined as ‘Franksgiving’ in honor of her father, or grabbing a bite of Chipotle, Alex never fails to provide the best company.

In the fall Alex will be attending the University of Iowa as a Biology major. She plans to get her bachelor’s degree and then apply to graduate school to eventually become a physician’s assistant that specializes in pediatrics. Alex grew up surrounded by several young cousins as well as her niece and nephew and recalls volunteering to babysit them at family reunions. These experiences as a kid have fueled her ambitions to work in pediatrics. Her love for kids surely guarantees her success in the future.

Whether it be in the form of babysitting, cooking food, or being a good team captain, Alex is an incredibly giving person. She recognizes the needs of others and is willing to step up and provide for them. Her honesty and openness makes her one of the most genuine people. The future children in her care are in good hands. 


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