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Senior Spotlight: Alyse Baughman

Alyse was born on January 27, 2006 and grew up as the youngest of 3 children. Her 2 older brothers never treated Alyse as a girl, but instead treated her as a younger brother. They would always play rough with her, wrestling around the house and using her as a test subject for dangerous stuff they did. 

She recalls one time where her brothers swung her around in an office chair by a chain, which ended with her getting slammed into a table. Alyse also remembers having lightsaber fights with her sibling where she would be covered in bruises by the end of the fight. Growing up with two older brothers who always played rough with her is one of the many reasons Alyse is tough, competitive, and a dedicated person. 

Throughout the year Alyse stays busy with the amount of athletics she participates in, saying, “sports is literally my life.” Throughout her 4 years at Hackett Alyse has participated in Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Track, and Softball. Her competitive nature has allowed her to excel in every sport she takes part in, but especially in basketball.

Alyse has accomplished many different things during her athletic career, the first being that she has won athlete of the week on MLive 8 times and was selected to play for team Michigan with other top senior basketball players in the state. She also was nominated to be the 2024 Michigan Miss Basketball and made it to the final round based on her high school career and stats as a basketball player. 

However, sports isn’t the only thing in Alyse’s life that she likes to take part in. In her free time she loves going to the beach, playing spike ball, hiking, and going out to eat with friends. She loves the outdoors and continues to stay active even when she isn’t playing any sports. 

Next year Alyse will be attending Kalamazoo College to play basketball and possibly volleyball as well. While at K-College she plans on majoring in pre-med in hopes of becoming a successful orthopedic surgeon. After a successful career Alyse would like to move to Germany to live out the rest of her life. 


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