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Senior Spotlight: Between the Lines

Whether it be running on the track or playing on the drumline, Gavin Sehy is often found between the lines. These things are representative of his personality: Hardworking, attentive to the details, but also expressive and fun.  

Gavin was born and raised in the humble, rural town of Schoolcraft on September 17th, 2005 to Tony and Kelly Sehy. He first attended Schoolcraft public schools for pre-K, education, but would later transfer to St. Monica for elementary and middle school. It was here where his passion for music began, in the damp room that housed the middle school bands.  

Gavin’s first instrument was the trumpet, and his expressive demeanor certainly fit the criteria of the average trumpet player, but he eventually would focus his sight on a different kind of musical expression, percussion. He was the first to accept the position once it was available, and he never looked back. 

Never looking back is also what Gavin does on the track, as he is usually in first place in the majority of his races. His love for cross country and track also started in middle school, but his desire to get into these sports was not by his own merit. His dad heavily suggested he run on the cross country and track teams that St. Monica provided, and despite Gavin’s original reluctance, he quickly found a sport in which he excelled. His passion for running would take him to his commitment to Southwestern Michigan College, where he will continue his cross-country and track pursuits.  

Gavin’s idea of fun is quite extreme for the average person and revolves around his passions for running and music. He trains for and runs 50-mile and 100-mile races with his friend, Marek, outside of the track and cross-country seasons. His music passions involve composing whole pieces of concert music, including the horns, woodwinds, and percussion. When he needs time to wind down from these extremes, he often hangs out with his family and his two cats, Poco and Coraline. 

Gavin plans to pursue a career in environmental science at Southwestern Michigan College, with the hopes of one day becoming an environmental scientist. In the meantime, he already has a job lined up at Dowagiac High School where he will teach the drumline for their band. We have no doubt that he will succeed in his goals!


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