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Senior Spotlight: Ecstatic Estella

Bringing laughter and smiles to all that can see and that is how people describe Estella Cronen. Even though people know Stella as a very cheerful and happy person, she is very smart and determined. 

People would describe Stella as very upbeat and joyful. She is known for being very funny and bringing lighthearted humor to wherever she is. Senior Julia Marshall describes her as, “One of the funniest people I have ever met, I am so glad to have met Stella.”


The side of Stella many people may not know is a very determined person who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. She works very hard on her academic studies as she has maintained a great GPA. She balances this with participating in extracurriculars such as Earth Club, where she was a leader this year. 

Stella starred in sports during her time at Hackett, where she was known for her hustle and hard work. She played 3 years of varsity basketball which included battling adversity during her senior year when a foot injury sidelined her for all of the preseason and the first few months of the basketball season. Although Stella, being the joyful person that she is, battled through the tough times with a smile on her face. She said that, “It was really hard to watch from the sidelines…especially since it was my senior year.” Through her hard work and determination, she came back and made a big contribution to the team during the last month of the season. She said, “It was a lot of fun to come back and contribute even if I wasn’t playing like I used to…I really feel like I learned a lot from this experience.” This story perfectly encapsulates Stella as a person. She was determined to get back and achieved it through hard work and did it all with a joyful attitude and a smile.  

Soccer has helped Stella learn a strong work ethic. The sport has brought her joy ever since she started playing club soccer at 5 years old. She played four years on the Hackett varsity girls' soccer team and has been a captain on the team for the past two years. This year she headlines the defense of the undefeated soccer team that is currently ranked #7 in the state. She says soccer, “has given me so many fun memories and helped me to learn important lessons like hard work and resilience.” She will consider playing intramural soccer in college where she will continue to work hard and find joy in the game she loves. 

Stella is going to Miami Ohio this fall to study marketing. She desires to achieve the goals of, “going to college, getting really good grades, getting a great job, being successful in life, and starting a family.” There is no doubt that with her hard work and determination, she will be able to achieve her goals with a smile on her face.


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