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Senior Spotlight: Ellie Christian

As an aspiring dental hygienist, there is no better candidate to be voted best smile than Ellie Christian. Within her four years at Hackett, the one thing that has always stood out is how she has undoubtedly earned the reputation of an inviting and friendly face for everyone. 

Friends are consistently an essential aspect of her life, which is seen when she talks about her favorite memories including sports with friends, pep rallies, and dances. She mentions explicitly dressing KJ up as a leprechaun for one of the spirit week pep rallies. As one of her best friends, Cameron Nobis, says, "She has always been a great friend." 

Ellie has also consistently worked hard academically. She has challenged herself by taking advanced, honors, and AP classes. Due to her academic successes, Ellie has rightfully been awarded numerous academic scholarships and awards, as well as achieving top ten in the Hackett 2024 class. Her friends also say that Ellie has been helpful when needing notes and help with homework. Throughout high school, Cam says, "Ellie has progressively become more organized and dedicated when putting her mind to something." 

In her time at Hackett, Ellie has also worked hard on her athletics and has earned many awards in her name for Golf. Some consist of All-Conference, Individual 3rd Place Regional Tournament, and Academic All-State. Ellie is also on the Hackett girl's tennis team and is currently thriving as the #2 singles for her team.

Ellie plans to play on Aquinas College's golf team in her next four years at college. In an article by the Saints, they say, "Head Coach John Konya, and the rest of the team, are excited for the addition of [Ellie] Christian." She is extremely excited about playing Golf at the college level, however, she will miss playing with her former teammates at Hackett. 

Looking ahead, Ellie's future is filled with promise and potential. We eagerly anticipate her success as a college athlete and a dedicated student. Her journey will surely be one full of achievement and success.


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