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Senior Spotlight: Gifted Greg

The fourth Jack in Hackett’s senior class is Gregory Brown who is a jack of all trades. Whether it’s an instrument, sport, or class, Greg is quite an exemplary student. 

Greg has many musical capabilities. Head of the woodwind section during concert band and saxophone section in the jazz band. If the Hackett band had a favorite it would be Greg, he consistently plays jazz solos incredibly and leads his section on the clarinet. Greg has even taken up the guitar in the past few months and had the opportunity to play guitar at Jazz Night in the Hackett cafeteria. 

Greg is kind and fun to be around, he’s dependable and loyal to his friends. Gustavo Vera a long-time friend of Greg describes him as “smart, patient, and kind.” Greg is also goofy when he wants to be and has blossomed into a free spirit over the past few years. 

When Greg was younger he was very active in his Boy Scout troop and attended the Philmont Preserve in New Mexico, a large area of land purchased and donated to the Boy Scouts of America. 

Greg took a 12-day backpacking trip where he had to set up and take down a campsite every night to hike the 90-mile trail. The trip gave 13-year-old Greg discipline and independence that strengthens him to this day.  

With the change in the FASFA deadline, Greg has delayed his decision on what to do next with his life. He wants to be an engineer but thinks he should improve his math skills. Every night after a snack, Greg studies math homework or the math on the college board website. Accepted to Michigan State, GVSU, Calvin, butler, and Aquinas, Greg has yet to choose which door will lead to his next life.

When he isn’t so busy with school Greg finds passion for the guitar, which he taught himself. The keys and chords come very easily to Greg who has a gift for music. Greg hopes to bring his saxophone to college and perhaps join a club or group to continue his hobby.

Hoping to find himself and determine his future, Greg is looking forward to college and joining clubs but is afraid of what comes after. In college, Greg is sure to find something he loves to do which will make his next jump easier.


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