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Senior Spotlight: How Rann Became the Man

“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard” is a quote popularized by NBA star Kevin Durant. This is a quote that Andrew Rann has embodied his entire life. Through sports, faith, and life in general, Andrew understands the importance of working hard to achieve his goals.

Born November 16, 2005, Andrew has always loved sports, especially baseball. As a little kid, he remembers watching the Detroit Tigers with his dad and pretending to be Max Scherzer, his favorite player growing up. He has lived in Kalamazoo his entire life. He attended Moorsbridge Elementary School, before transferring to St Monica Middle School in sixth grade. During this time, he played Little League and Travel League Baseball and even joined the St Monica basketball team in seventh grade. 

When he joined, he discovered he also had a love for basketball. Moving up to high school, Andrew played both basketball and baseball. He played three years of varsity basketball and four years of varsity baseball. Through both sports, he has experienced great success, winning a district championship in his junior year in basketball, and baseball, he contributed to a state semi-finalist team in his junior year and a state champion team in his freshman year. He was voted all-conference in basketball his senior year and second-team all-state his junior year in baseball. 

But through all this success, Andrew is no stranger to adversity. He has been plagued with injuries through his sophomore and junior years. “I was in a dark place, watching my teammates play the sports I loved while I was forced to sit out”, he said, “I’ve learned to never take things for granted because they can be gone in an instant”, he said. 

Now, Andrew views this adversity as a positive circumstance in his life. He feels this adversity gave him the life skills of tenacity and perseverance, and he thinks it has improved his mental toughness. “This unfortunate occurrence made me the man I am today”, Andrew said. He likes to listen to “mental conditioning” podcasts to help build his mental strength. “Baseball is just as much mental as it is physical, you have to be mentally tough and have a short mind”, Andrew said.

Through this adversity, Andrew has developed a newfound appreciation for his faith life. He was always taught good spiritual values as a kid, but he never had a strong faith life. He has begun praying more and weekly going to Mass, with a better appreciation for what it has to offer. He even helped his Father become Catholic and was his confirmation sponsor. 

He is a member of the Respect Life Club and periodically volunteers to help the community. As an esteemed member of NHS and SLT at Hackett, Andrew highly values his reputation and his image in the eyes of his peers. His classmates have described him as dependable and a hard worker. Andrew has credited his parents for raising him to be a good person and teaching him to be resilient in tough times. 

After high school, he will attend Michigan State and study political science. His goal is to then go to law school, earn a law degree, and one day open his law firm. He also wants to get married and have a family that he can provide for. Andrew believes the lessons he has learned through school, sports, and his faith life will help him become a successful lawyer and a successful person, and he hopes to pass on these important life values to his children one day.

When asked what one piece of advice he could give to a younger student, Andrew’s response was simple but auspicious. He said, “The day you stop worrying about what other people think is the day you find happiness”. Andrew hopes that he can use the life lessons he has learned to contribute to and further benefit his community and the people around him.


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