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Senior Spotlight: Kwap, Kwapie, S-Kwap, Soph

Better known by abbreviations of her last name, Sophia Kwapis was born November 29th, 2006 where eighteen months later she started gymnastics. Her sister, Sarah, was already in gymnastics and Sophia decided she was interested enough in the sport to try it.

Since starting gymnastics at such a young age, Sophia has reached her goal of becoming a Level 10 gymnast, the highest level a gymnast can reach beside the college level. Throughout her gymnastics career, Sophia struggled with multiple extreme injuries. In 2019, she hurt her elbow and needed surgery which eventually caused her to be out for 3 months of her season. “It was very mentally challenging,” Sophia claimed, “I wanted to quit but I kept going and I’m glad I did.” More recently, Sophia had injured both of her ankles which impacted her recent seasons. 

Almost every day after school Sophia was at gymnastics practice from 3:15-8:15, and practiced for 20 hours a week. It wasn’t easy for Sophia to dedicate her life to gymnastics, it took a lot of hard work and changed her life, but she’s glad she had the opportunity to be part of a great time and have a rewarding gymnastics experience. Sophia is grateful for the friendships she made and the life lessons she learned, both of which she will carry throughout the rest of her life. 

Sophia attended St. A’s for elementary and middle school and enjoyed recess and track and field days the most. At Hackett, Sophia loved her Writing and Communications class, dropping Barbies off the balcony in AP Stats, junior prom, and watching TV during BMA.


In August, Sophia is attending St. Mary’s to major in biology and become a physical therapist. However, Sophia had a difficult time deciding where she wanted to go to college. “It was my toughest decision,” Sophia said, “I had to decide if I wanted to continue gymnastics in college or not.” Ultimately she decided to attend St. Mary’s for academics and the ability to be close to her family.

St. Mary’s is tied with Notre Dame, and Sophia is counting down the days for football games. Besides attending sporting events, Sophia loves to work out at the gym, go to the beach, and listen to country music. She is always listening to Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs, and Kane Brown.

Sophia is always watching a love reality TV show, she has been a Bachelor fan since the early seasons. She is planning on applying to be part of the cast if Sam Hartman ever announces he is the Bachelor. 

Sophia dreams of living on a giant ranch in Tennessee, with her husband, dogs, and possibly chickens. She would love to win the lottery and vacation in Bora Bora while staying in a hut above the crystal blue water. Sophia is kind, compassionate, and dedicated, benches 135, and can deadlift 225, the total package!


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