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Senior Spotlight: Living the Life of Leo

Leo Redmond is an example of nearly the ideal student at Hackett Catholic Prep. Just as much as his school appreciates his uplifting presence, he loves the school. As a member of Hackett's student council, he takes pride in helping to guide the school forward and voicing the opinions of his fellow students. Additionally, Leo serves as the President of the Latin club. He enjoys their various Roman-themed activities, his favorite being bowl-making. 

Leo Redmond is at the forefront of the Hackett community. He takes pride in his school and works to improve it. As student director for the last two theater productions, Leo has enjoyed being the glue between different people's passions and bringing them together to make something amazing. 

"He is so passionate about theater that his main problem is trying to do too much for the program!" Says 2024 Spirit of the Stage, Keegan Gallagher.

When asked what caused Leo to be such a genuine and involved person, he pointed at his dad for being a major positive influence in his life: "He is the kind of guy who does not work for an award but does it out of a genuine want to help out the people he loves." Born as the sixth child to a family of eight, Leo has truly learned the meaning of sharing. 

The massive size of Leo's family surely does not end with his siblings, and Redmonds can be found all over the Kalamazoo community. Whenever you are inside Hackett, chances are good that you're sharing it with a Redmond. From 2007-2024, at least one Redmond has attended Hackett every year, and the streak tragically ends next year. Leo's Grandfather worked as a teacher at Hackett from 1965 to 1999. He sent every last one of his children through the school, including Leo's father and beloved do-it-all man Jim Redmond, who has served the school system as everything from custodian to substitute teacher to basketball coach.

Over the summer, Leo is looking forward to a great two-week trip to Ireland with his family, where they will explore the country on their own terms. Their plan is to fly into Belfast and then take trains all over the country, visiting Inishmore and Dublin, even staying the night at the historic Trinity College. 

In Leo's free time, he enjoys reading, especially historical narratives, which could be expected by his love for History in general. On top of this, he loves to listen to music, especially the classics like Johnny Cash and other 80's artists. Some day, Leo hopes to learn to play the Bass, though that interest is now reserved for disparate practice sessions. 

As Leo moves on from this chapter of his life, he is excited to take on every opportunity which presents itself in college. Leo plans on attending GVSU to study something yet to be decided upon, though engineering may be in his future. 

Whatever Leo ends up doing, it is clear that he is destined to do great things. Anyone would be lucky to call Leo a friend, and we all can't wait to see where he ends up!


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