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Senior Spotlight: Madelyn Singleton is an Outstanding Citizen

Maddy Singleton might seem quiet in class, but she really comes alive outside school. 

During the Winter months, you can be sure to find Maddy out on the slopes snowboarding. She loves spending time at Bittersweet Ski Resort with friends. Exploration and adventure are Maddy’s bread and butter, and she gets to taste that adrenaline as she hurtles down the hill. 

Unfortunately, snowboarding and life in general are harder right now for Maddy because of a back injury. In 8th grade, she broke her back doing gymnastics. The good news is she’s getting surgery soon to get it fixed up. The L5 vertebrae broke out of place in a condition called spondylolisthesis, of which she has grade 4 (bad). 

Maddy loves spending her time working out, playing video games, hanging out with friends, and adventuring in unexplored areas. She works out at the West Hills gym and sometimes Planet Fitness with friends, where she got stuck in that huge tornado. Thankfully she stayed safe from the winds. 

After high school, Maddy first plans on finding a job. She isn’t entirely sure what she wants to do for a long-term career yet, but she’s interested in nursing and law. To pursue these goals, she is going to study at KVCC. While there, Maddy will be able to assess how much she enjoys her classes and the field before deciding how to move forward. 

Madelyn is a very friendly person, and Hackett is lucky to have her. Be sure to congratulate her on graduating and wish her the best in her future.



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