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Senior Spotlight: Not Your Average Swifty

Perhaps the most apt way to describe Katie Jane is effervescent; Ms. Walters nearly always has a smile on her face. Katie Jane's exuberance is catchy, and can always lighten up a situation. 

In her free time, Katie Jane said, "I hang out with my friends." Katie Jane has a very tight group of friends with whom she spent all of spring break in Marco Island, Florida. She had "the best week of her life," down there, filled with daily beach adventures and fun encounters with new people. It's safe to say that she made the best of her senior spring break.

Katie Jane and her friends in Marco Island

Katie Jane is also a very dedicated athlete, having played a total of four sports in her time at Hackett, including basketball, tennis, golf, and track. While she is no longer a part of the basketball and track teams, Katie Jane finished her senior year with two great seasons in golf and tennis. 

Katie Jane said that, "[Tennis] is my favorite sport." She first played tennis for one year in middle school and then began to take it more seriously during her freshman year. Katie Jane said, "I quit track to focus on tennis." Since then, she has worked her way up to the three singles spot on the girls' varsity team. Katie Jane does not intend to play tennis at a collegiate level but plans to continue enjoying the hobby.

Another hobby of Ms. Walters' is watching TV shows. She said that she particularly enjoys "Gilmore Girls, Modern Family, and Vampire Diaries." Katie Jane singled out Modern Family, saying, "It's the only show my dad and I can watch together and both laugh at the jokes," demonstrating her love and dedication to her family. Katie Jane comes from a family of five, with two older brothers.

Katie Jane's friend Ellie Christian holds her in high opinion, saying that she is, "Kind, genuine, and a little silly." Cameron Nobis endearingly backed this up saying, "She's a goofball."

Katie Jane outside of a Taylor Swift concert

When she's feeling artistic, Katie Jane dabbles in poetry, preferring to compose her own works. While she asked me not to include a poem in this article, Katie Jane is not shy about her work, having submitted an original to Hackett's Synthesis. Fittingly, the poem was on the subject of her time in Marco Island. Katie Jane and her friend Theresa Keyte love to create haikus on the spot, challenging themselves to do it snappily. 

Katie Jane also harbors a passion for corn, even bringing thermoses of corn to lunch. Her favorite way to enjoy corn is in the form of corn soufflé. Her taste varies, sometimes preferring corn, "on the cob, sometimes off the cob."

Looking to the future, Katie Jane will attend Saint Mary's College, in South Bend, Indiana. She says that she is most excited about, "Going to football games, going to basketball games, the entire social aspect," reflecting her love of being around people and having fun.


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