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Senior Spotlight: Ozzy, Soccer Player Supreme

Oswaldo, sometimes known as Ozzy, says that it's "just soccer." He is a four-year veteran of the Hackett Boys soccer, having made varsity every year. Oswaldo elected not to play any other sports, favoring a deep devotion to his number one sport.

Although Oswaldo says that it's "Hackett soccer all the way," his tenure has since ended as a Hackett soccer player. This comes after a grand end to his final season, with his team making a deep run in the playoffs, terminating at the state semifinals. Oswaldo has yet to find another team to join but hopes to in the future.

In the meantime, Oswaldo holds down a part-time job at Fiesta Burrito, in Portage. I asked him what he did at the restaurant and he said, "Server, cooker, I'm basically everything." 

While he did say his job is stressful, Oswaldo told me, "Payment is good, tips are good." Balancing a job with school is a lot of work, but he manages to make time for both, along with allowing for soccer to be in his life.

Oswaldo told me that when he's getting through a long shift it's his girlfriend Kelly that he's thinking of. He said, "We relax, and talk about our day." His girlfriend is certainly an important part of his life.

Greg Brown, a good friend of Oswaldo's, said "He's hardworking and a very good friend." Greg and Oswaldo have known each other for years and played soccer together for several of them.

With high school having come to an end, Oswaldo has made plans for after his senior year. When interviewed Oswaldo said that he will "take a break." Oswaldo then told me that he would eventually like to "join a trade school." 

Oswaldo's strong work ethic will carry him far in love, and his kindness even further. He is one of the most humble people I've ever met and is sure to succeed in his after High School.


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