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Senior Spotlight: Reasonable and Reliable

If it needs to be done, you can be certain that James Reasoner will get it done. He is always working on his next project and has a work ethic like no other. 

Perhaps the best example of James' hard work comes in the form of this year's edition of the yearbook. At the beginning of the year, James was voted yearbook editor for the publications class. He took this job very seriously, managing other students as they created the yearbook page by page. In the end, it paid off, and this year's edition turned out perfectly.

 When I asked James about his work process, he said, "I am a big user of to-do lists. I like putting things in lists and spreadsheets because it helps me process information." James' friend Gabriel Oeurn backed this up, saying, "I always see James revising his to-do lists in class." 

Ending up as yearbook editor was a good fit for James, as he also harbors a passion for photography. James himself took a great number of the photos that ended up in the yearbook. Last year, he took this hobby to the next level, starting his own photography business, and taking prom and senior pictures for other high schoolers. James still enjoys photography as a hobby as well and took thousands of photos on his most recent trip to Europe.

Photography is not James' only hobby; he plays piano both recreationally and for the Hackett Jazz Band. "It's a creative outlet," James said of playing piano. He has played piano since fourth grade. Initially, James' mom signed his sister up for piano, but she was unable to go, and James went in her place. After his first lesson, he enjoyed playing so much that he refused to quit, and a hobby was born. Since then, James has blossomed into an excellent musician but still dedicates every Monday to practicing piano and improving his skills.


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