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Senior Spotlight: Smiling Celia Harris

For people who know Celia Harris at all, she’s probably already told you her deepest secrets and life story. More than anything, Celia is an outgoing person who loves talking with people. She’s never afraid to say what’s in her head, and the speed at which she can speak is downright impressive. Aside from social skills, Celia has many interesting talents and abilities.

Growing up, Celia learned to bake from her grandma who owns a restaurant. Baking has been a long time hobby of hers, as showcased on her TikTok @CeliaBakes. She doesn’t just bake great tasting pastries, but everything looks immaculate as well. Baking is something she clearly has put a lot of time into, and it brings out her inner artistry. 

In many ways, artistry is what Celia intends to put into her career. She is going to MSU next fall to study marketing (most likely), and wants to work in graphic design for companies. Celia already has some experience running social media pages, and she can’t wait to do more. 

Celia has been an active member of the cross country and track teams at Hackett. For her senior year especially, she’s been a leader to the other girls and underclassmen. Celia always says, “I can’t wait to be a mom.” 

In track and field, Celia specializes in the 300 meter hurdles. With a blazing PR of 53.14 seconds, she has set herself as the team’s top woman hurdler. Additionally, Celia often runs sprint relays, long jump, or the 200 meter dash. 

Before Hackett, Celia went to Gull Lake. She disliked it there, noting that people were mean to her for being “loud,” which led to her being shy. However, coming to Hackett in 9th grade was a big help. After some adjustment time, she soon found herself being the way she wanted without feeling bad about it. 

In the present day, Celia is a happy extrovert. She’s very easy to strike up a conversation with, and always has lots to tell, like how she “has a little eight-year-old sister who is my best friend in the world!” It doesn’t take long to get to know Celia, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun and worth it. 



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