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Senior Spotlight: The All-Loving Michael Dugas

Michael Dugas has proven to be the embodiment of “Living life to the fullest.” The saying perfectly fits Michael’s outgoing personality.

Michael has extensively put himself out there by joining many extracurricular activities and even picking up a couple of hobbies. 

Throughout the years, Michael has gained a goal of becoming a better drummer which he has been slowly achieving through the multiple activities he has joined. He has played in the percussion section of Hackett’s three bands, concert, marching, and jazz all four years. During the winter of his sophomore and junior years, Michael decided to join Vortex Percussion to further his skills. Vortex Percussion is an indoor percussion group that competed throughout the winter against other groups. 

For fun,  Michael joined another band, Cerulean Fish, at the end of his junior year. Cerulean Fish is an indie/rock band that he formed with his friends and they have performed at multiple venues for his friends and family. Michael’s readiness to step out of his comfort zone led him to pick up the piano to accommodate the band's acoustic profile. 

Michael Dugas is not only musically talented but also academically. He has held a 4.0 GPA throughout the years, and has accomplished leadership roles by joining the Student Leadership Team and becoming the Director of Tutoring in the National Honors Society at Hackett. His academic achievements do not stop there. After becoming a Capstone Finalist Michael competed in the Diocesan round, winning first place and gaining a $5,000 scholarship. 

While juggling all of this, Michael has been able to keep outstanding relationships between himself and his friends and family. Even with a busy schedule, Michael has consistently prioritized maintaining strong connections, creating countless shared experiences that deepen these relationships. His ability to balance a demanding academic pursuit and hobbies with quality time spent with his close friends and family not only proves his skills but also highlights his commitment to the people most important to him.

As Michael prepares to graduate, his journey next year at Denison University will only help further his success. With this mindset and commitment, his endeavors from here on out just remain growing. Through his dedication and talent, Michael has shown the community his skills and proved how bright and open his future is. 


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