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Senior Spotlight: The Bold and Brave, Jack Finley

Over the years, Jack has had multiple hairstyles from the buzzcut to a modern mullet, back to the buzz, eventually growing it out and even dying it into the hair he has today. In our interview, I asked Jack why he did this and he answered that, “hair always grows back.” Jack is fearless. 

This risk-taker personality continues throughout his daily lifestyle with how he does not care about what others think of him. He says, “I am a confident person with who I am and I am fearless about what others think of me.” This creates a positive impact on others around him inspiring them to be confident in themselves. 

This confidence comes from the journey he went through to gain his current physique. During his earlier years, he said that he was not comfortable where he was and decided to take a turn. This led to his improvement in physical health, giving him his current physique. Not only does his refinement give him confidence, but also the support of his mother calling him handsome in any part of his life. 

Throughout his high school career, Jack has been a part of the United Football team, creating life-long friends and a love for the sport. His friend and teammate, senior Noah Matson, says that “when playing football, Jack is always locked in.” When the helmet is on, Jack is always focused on the game, but when he takes it off, he never fails to be a joy to be around. 

Jack Finley has a phenomenal quote that we should all embrace for the haters, “Don’t hate me cause I’m [beautiful]” 

Next year, Jack is looking forward to furthering his career at Hope College. There, he decided to study business and further down the line, accounting. He never fails to uplift his friends around him from his liveliness dynamic and he will continue to do this in the future.

Jack has been through Catholic schools all of his life, creating many friendships that gave him nicknames, such as Derrick, Darryl, and Finny. His multiple friendships have helped him gain such a comical sense of humor. His humor is something that impacts everyone either giving them a laugh or even making their day. It even got him a spot in the yearbook mock elections, winning the best sense of humor, perfectly fitting him. 


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