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Senior Spotlight: The Courageous Charles

The imposing yet lovable Charles Gordon is known around Hackett for impacting people's lives despite spending only half his day in the building. 

Charles has always been a social guy who loves to people over his house. Unlike most teens afraid of rejection, Charles does not fear what others think of him and talks to whomever he pleases. 

Charles spends his mornings at Hackett and drives to KAMSC every afternoon. Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center has created Charles into quite the brainiac. 

Due to KAMSC being considered a Kalamazoo public school, students are eligible for certain scholarships, even if their home school is a private institution. Charles Gordon was among many Hackett students devastated by his rejection from the University of  Michigan.

Despite his disappointment, Charles did not give up, he applied and won an extremely selective scholarship to the local yet prestigious University, Kalamazoo College. The Heyl Scholarship was awarded to Charles as a KAMSC student, the rigorous and selective scholarship requires a brilliant and dedicated student who has excelled in the STEM field. 

Charles Gordon loves music and is quite the audiophile. He loves instrumental and experimental records that are very obscure. He engages in online and face-to-face conversations about his love for music and his favorite albums. Charles collects albums and if you see him you'll most likely notice an Airpod in his ear at all times. 

A light crew member, robotics teammate, and computer science wizard, Charlie is quite the mad scientist and tinkerer in his free time. 

Charles likes to take apart old appliances to create weird and scary contraptions. Charles has created a Taser and a Tesla coil. Charles also made a go-kart out of an old pressure washer motor. 

If there's a will there's a way and Charles has a work ethic like no other. Most people are turned down by the idea they don't know how to do something, but Charles is the opposite, every build is an opportunity to do research and learn a new skill. 

People are not born with electrical ability or woodworking skills and neither was Charles. However, Charles uses the internet as a resource, a skill more should use, and teaches himself a wide range of skills to create crazy science projects. 

The dedication and know-how of Charles Gordon are best exemplified in his projects, we are sad to see him go but we are so excited to see the heights that he will no doubt achieve.



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