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Senior Spotlight: The Lore of Doerr

Nicholas Matthew Doerr was born on March 7, 2006, at Bronson Hospital. He was called a medical miracle by many doctors. Underneath the rough and turgid surface, Nick Doerr is a passionate man with a really big heart. 

People describe Nick Doerr as being a macho man who does not give off a lot of emotion and is hyper-masculine. Nick is also described as very chill and well-behaved. Mr. Koester, Nick’s theology teacher, said, “He is one of the best-behaved students in his hour.” People who know Nick well know how thoughtful and joyful he is. Christian Willis, a good friend of Nick Doerr, said, “While he seems laid back I know that he always has my back.” Nick is also a very hard worker who will put in all the time and effort needed to fulfill his passions whether that’s in sports, school, or relationships.

Nick Doerr has revolved his life around sports for as long as he can remember. He has had a passion for both football and basketball since his youth. He has since given up on his basketball dreams but did play basketball up until his sophomore year of high school. He has played football all his life and was a member of the United Football Varsity team for the past two seasons. 

Nick Doerr’s true calling is running track. He first participated in track in 7th Grade but truly became passionate about it during his Freshman year. Nick Doerr excelled in long-distance events and found it very fun with his competitive nature. Talking about how running track has impacted him, Nick Doerr said, “I have always been very competitive and that’s the thrill of the track to me, the competition…crossing the finish line before others gives me a great feeling.” Nick has put a lot of hard work into getting better at his craft. He has dropped over 20 seconds in the 800-meter race since his freshman year. Nick said about work, “I don’t always enjoy getting up every day and running, but I know that the reward will be greater than the pain.” Through this hard work, he learned perseverance and determination.

Nick will attend Adrian College next year to run track and is very excited to continue his athletic career. He said, “I love the coaches over at Adrian and want to continue to run track as long as I can and this is the next step.” Nick knows that it will take a lot of work to excel at the next level, but he is willing and determined to get better every day.

Nick Doerr has goals in life that go beyond playing sports. He would like to support a great family with a wife and children. He aspires to work in the thing he loves, sports. Nick is going to major in sports management and hopes to go to law school after undergraduate school. He wants to use these degrees to be a sports agent. Nick hopes to make a comfortable living doing this to support a great family. He wants to be a pillar in his community, who is active in volunteering and well respected by all. 

There is no doubt that Nick Doerr will achieve all his goals. “The lessons I have learned from sports will carry on to different parts of my life, even when I am done with sports.” This means that he will be determined to be successful in his professional career and family life. He will also find a way to persevere through tough times as he thinks back on all the grueling runs he found a way to finish. 


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