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Senior Spotlight: The Prom King

Fittingly this year’s Prom King, Jack Prom deserved the recognition. Jack is a rare type of individual, whose friendliness and dynamic personality makes him a pleasure to be around. 

Jack carries with him a friendly and goodhearted energy, he is the kind of guy you can rely on for a smile and a good conversation. On a car ride, it is hard to imagine a better person to have in your passenger seat, and not just for his superior skills on the aux.

Prom is headed to Marquette next year to study Civil Engineering. Anyone who knows Jack would say this is a perfect fit for him. During our interview, I had to ask him what gives him such a passion to randomly begin discussing public transport systems with random classmates throughout his day “With robust public transit systems and more available biking and walking options cities are just better; they’re safer, they're not as loud, and they are just the place I would want to live.”

Far from a one-trick pony through, it is almost hard to find a topic that Jack would not be able to discuss. Alongside engineering, Jack is looking forward to studying French and continuing to deepen his knowledge of disparate aspects of history. 

Not just content to be successful in academics, Jack has spread his skill into a plethora of extracurriculars. In the fall, Prom plays center back for Irish Soccer and supports his team in the role of team captain. “He is a great captain, he leads the team in whatever we do, whether warmups or drills. He leads with a great example”, says senior Gabe Oeurn on Prom’s impact on the team. 

Never one to leave himself bored, Jack's winters are filled with ski teams as well as being a technician on the robotics team. Rounding out his year, Prom is a member of the track team, setting blistering records in the 400 meter and reaching new heights in the pole vault events. 

In this final season of high school, Jack finds himself reminiscing about the good times he has had over the last four years. “I think the thing I miss most will be walking through the courtyard on a beautiful spring day.” 

The future is surely looking bright for this brilliant young man.


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