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Senior Spotlight: The World Traveling Noah Matson

When it comes to Noah Matson world traveling takes precedence over the 12 day absence policy. From Switzerland to the Philippines, Noah has visited 12 countries around the world. Family trips are an important part of Noah's life as he values time with his family and being a great example of their values of studieness, athleticism, and respect.

Noah is always keeping himself busy with his unique combination of activities. He receives varsity letters in both Football and Track and Field. This is how he puts his leadership in action. Not only was a captain for the United football team but he goes above and beyond to teach others what he has learned along the way. In Track Noah is self taught in discus and shows true dedication reaching out to coaches from surrounding schools and now is on his way to compete at states this season. A unique twist to his extracurriculars is his role in the Hackett Jazz Band. Noah plays the trumpet, an instrument he has been playing for 7 years after starting when he was in grade school at St. Monica’s. His talent and dedication resulted in him winning the Mary Kay Carr scholarship of the arts for his time at Hackett.

Noah's family plays a big role in who he is today as they support all his extracurriculars to the extreme as well as are extremely proud of all of his academic achievements. When it came to football season his parents were at every game. His mom even supports his love of watching football by constantly texting him game updates when he isn't home to watch the game with her. His parents also helped to drive his academic achievements, especially his mom. Noah's mom is originally from the Philippines where his family consists of many interesting and brilliant individuals that are doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc. Noah says his mom has always wanted him to excel in school so he could be able to achieve whatever he wanted to do for his future career. This little push has resulted in so many accomplishments and ultimately led to his acceptance to the University of Michigan to study Neuroscience. 

His family’s vacations due to his Mom’s amazing opportunity to travel all over the world by working for Delta, has taught Noah many things he is going to bring with him to college. He has learned about a variety of cultures and traditions by meeting many new people in a variety of places preparing him for the new and culturally diverse environment of college. He says he is so grateful to have had the opportunity to see so much of the world before moving to Ann Arbor in the fall. Even though Noah is leaving for college in the fall he is taking with him so many important memories and lessons from traveling the world with his family. However he sees many more adventures in his future and has many more places on his bucket list to check off.


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