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Senior Spotlight: Zach Attack

Easily one of a kind, Zach Mabis is one of Hackett’s most gifted students in mechanics, athleticism, and friendship. 

Well-rounded is how a lot of people would define Zach, he is truly a great person to know and be acquaintances with. Athletically, Zach is highly skilled he has been playing hockey for 10 years and lacrosse for two and has never looked back. Zach's main love is hockey “Hockey is the sport that I love it keeps me active and it has taught me many lessons for life”. Zach will be playing Hockey at Trine University due to his hard work and dedication in this field of his life. 

A great friend with an awesome personality is what defines Zach. “Zach is a fun friend and is always ready to enjoy some jokes with me” - Leo Redmond. No matter the situation Zach is ready for a fun quip and some great times.

A mechanically gifted man is a talent that many people don't know about this great fellow. Zach since a young age has always had a keen interest in mechanics, cars, and how things work. Zach has been working at a mechanics shop for a couple of years and loves every minute of it. “Working on cars and machines interests me and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction when I repair a machine that had been previously broken.” 

Zach enjoys mechanics so much that he also makes it a big part of his hobbies. Currently, Zach is working on restoring an old truck and fixing it up. HIs special gift of being able to see the problem in machines and know what to do to fix it is going to carry him far in life. 

Zachary is planning on attending Trine University where he will be studying mechanical engineering while also playing hockey. He has dreams to partake in the motorsport industry later in life, and given the fact he is playing hockey in college already, Zach is already living his dreams out. 

So be sure to congratulate Zach on his accomplishments, Zach Mabis will truly be missed by the Hackett community.


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