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The National Honor Society has begun discussing various projects for the 2023-2024 school year. The new president for the National Honors Society here at Hackett, Keegan Gallagher, has announced that each member of the organization is responsible for leading a service project around the community. Each member can either lead one by themselves, or they could collaborate with another member and both co-lead the service project. If a member can tutor for various subjects and get most to all of the 10 required hours by tutoring, then they do not have to lead a service project.

With the opportunity for many diverse projects, the president himself suggested a few projects. These include but are not limited to, updating the Chaminade board, reorganizing and updating the trophy cases, adding more plant life around Hackett, and to set up a historical display covering Hackett’s history. A couple of the senior

members, Jack Prom and Lauren Wild, have already taken initiative to start their service project. They have taken on the project of setting up a historical display to commemorate all the major historical events and artifacts from Hackett over the years. Prom chose this with, “the goal to keep the Hackett spirit alive throughout the different ages of students,” and that, “we want to provide students with an idea of how Hackett has changed throughout the years.” With the help of Mrs. Zimmerman, the two got permission to search through the archives and artifacts. Helping provide services for the school and the community and promoting Hackett spirit to students are some of the many things NHS and its members strive to do in their everyday lives.


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