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Silently Successful: Jose Armijo-Obregon Senior Spotlight

Jose Armijo-Obregon is described by many as hard-working and dedicated. His family has instilled these values in him his entire childhood, and he applies them to every aspect of his daily life. He is more reserved and has a private personality, but still pursues his interests and works for what he wants with unending diligence.

Jose was born on October 13, 2005. He comes from a very big, Mexican-American family. He describes his family as polar opposites. “My mom’s side of the family is very strict, while my dad’s side is much more laid back and likes to party. Many teenagers have little free time with everything they have going on, and Jose is no exception. Despite the lack of free time, Jose has worked many jobs. He is currently not working right now while finishing out his senior year, but he has previously worked as a handyman, landscaper, and a blueberry picker. 

These jobs required hard work and entailed long hours of manual labor. Jose also has many hobbies, his favorites including video games and cooking. Video games have always been a strong interest to Jose. His favorite game is Fortnite, and he even competes in online tournaments against other people. At one point, he even competed for an Esports team called Chronic. The team had thousands of followers on social media and he really enjoyed it. “Participating in Chronic was a very rewarding experience for me”, Jose said. He decided to leave the team recently as he felt he didn’t have enough time and couldn’t give the appropriate amount of effort and attention needed. 

Cooking is also a hobby that Jose enjoys. “Cooking is hard for some people, so I’m glad it is something I do well” , Jose said. Jose is strongly looking forward to his future, as he plans to study business or marketing at Western Michigan. He hopes to one day own his own tech company that helps other people in significant ways. 

He hopes that he will be able to learn successfully in college, similarly to high school. Jose attended Loy Norrix his freshman year, before transferring to Hackett. Jose felt the smaller class sizes and more personal student-teacher relationships have greatly helped his learning. Jose said, “Loy Norrix was almost ten times bigger than Hackett, being in such a large environment made learning more difficult and Hackett’s smaller size made it easier”. 

Jose’s tenacious and hardworking attitude is something that will serve him well in life. His goals of owning a company that is serviceable to the community just speaks to volumes to his character and the way he was raised. His desire to help others and be successful are qualities that are hard to find in today’s society, but that are greatly beneficial to it.


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