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Skyward, the Review is in

I read the book Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. It is a science-fiction novel that is packed with action that makes for a very enjoyable read. This story follows the experiences of a young girl by the name of Spensa. Starting with the introduction of Spensa, you get to see how her life has been since an incident that left a mark on how her family was treated and perceived by others. Skyward is the first book in a trilogy. I feel that listening to the main character and how she feels gives insight into what the story is like “It was stupid to put yourself in danger like that, my mother always said”(p.1).

 I chose this book due to a recommendation I received. I enjoyed this book because it never had any slow or boring parts and it kept moving at a steady pace. My favorite character in the story is Rodge. I like his character development even though it's not much. His development shows how the people around you influence you. This makes it clear how important his character is in the story even though he could originally be seen as a less important character.  I enjoyed reading this book because it feels as if you know the characters. There are many parts where the book feels impossible to put down and the book certainly doesn't fall short on twists. The story keeps your heart pumping and is very descriptive of the characters' feelings, both physically and mentally. 

There weren’t a lot of things in the story that bothered me, although the main character occasionally irritated me as I disagreed with her decisions. The story makes the main character Spensa slightly difficult to connect with since some of the things her character says are a bit cringe and make you feel a bit embarrassed for her. I would suggest this book if you like science fiction and action novels. If you prefer faster-paced stories to help keep you interested this book is a nice and easy read.

This book review was written by guest contributor Devyn Mainey.


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