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Students Lack a Uniform Opinion

One of Hackett's most unique, but also controversial policies, is the uniform, with complaints of the limiting clothing options being very frequent. There are arguments on both sides, with some saying that uniforms stymie the self-expression found in clothing, while others argue for the simplicity that uniforms give.

Freshman Elijah Brooks is new to the CSGK community this year, and as such is new to school uniforms. When I interviewed him about the subject, he told me, "It's trash. I just don't like it. I'm just not used to it, and I don't like green."

This is a less than positive view on uniforms, and can be a factor in driving away potential students. I also interviewed Lauren Wild, a senior who transferred to Hackett her freshman year.

I asked her about how she felt about the transition and she said, "Kids coming from a public school will beg to not go to a school with uniforms, and usually the parents listen."

While these two students have expressed opinions against uniforms, the general student population is not very opposed to uniforms. I surveyed 34 students across all grades and a surprising 59% of respondents indicated that they are in favor of uniforms.

Students do think that the uniforms should be less strict, however, with 97% of respondents believing that uniforms should be more relaxed. If the administration wished to address this common desire, they could increase the frequency of spiritwear days and dress down days.

As a student who has gone to CSGK my entire life, I have never known anything other than uniforms. As such, I cannot say what it would be like without them, however, I do not think that uniforms are wholly negative.

Uniforms get annoying, that I fully believe, but with the occasional dress-down day, and perhaps more frequent spiritwear days, uniforms are at least bearable. Although I will not deny that I am excited to go to college and not wear uniforms.


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