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Switching Gears: Spanish IV becomes AP

Mr Voege, the Hackett Spanish teacher, has decided to make what was previously known as Spanish IV into an AP (Advanced Placement) class. Why even bother taking Spanish for four years? According to Mr. Voege, who has taught Spanish for 10 years, 3 at Hackett, learning another language is beneficial because, “Besides the language, which is phenomenally important, your mind grows…you learn about the world that we live in, you become culturally more sensitive”.

Throughout his time at Hackett, Spanish IV has had the option of taking the AP exam, but few do it. This is because Spanish IV was not taught to be centered around the AP exam, which Mr Voege is changing this year. “There is a lot more converse speaking and listening…a lot more listening activities and speaking activities,” Mr. Voege says when asked what he is doing this year compared to last year in order to prepare students for the AP exam.

Mr. Voege has been giving out tests and activities every week to AP Spanish that corresponds to the exam. He has even invested in to further students grammar and writing. Through these activities he hopes to get the Spanish to stick into students’ heads so that they can produce Spanish easily. Mr. Voege believes that with his new approach to teaching this course students will do well on the exam, saying, “I would like a majority of students to receive a 3”. Taking AP Spanish may prove to be difficult, but it is highly recommended and will help prepare students to take the exam.


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