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Taking It Home

The Hackett Boys Basketball team pulled off an exciting win over Comstock to start their season on November 28, beating them 50-30.

From going to all the starters being seniors last year to no seniors starting in the game on Tuesday, the basketball team has proved they have a bright future ahead of them.

By the end of the first half of the game, Comstock was trailing behind Hackett by six points. However, Hackett came into the second half more aggressively, pulling ahead of Comstock by twenty points in the last minute of the game. The Fighting Irish were able to stop Comstock from gaining any more points, securing the win for their first game of the season.

Andrew Rann, a Senior on the basketball team said, “I think we are going to grow as a team and get better every day,” when asked about what he predicts for the future of this team.

Show your school spirit by coming to the Boy's Basketball game this Saturday, December 2, to see if Andrew’s prediction up holds. The game will be held at Hackett against Centreville at 12:00pm.


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