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Senior Spotlight: The Man, the Myth, the Chris

Only one man can dominate in soccer, baseball, and basketball all while having leftover time to watch Instagram reels– and his name is Christian Willis. Many people have tried to pin down what exactly makes a Christian Willis, but none have succeeded.

Christian wasn’t always such a superb athlete. “I didn’t start my first three soccer seasons here at Hackett, but I kept putting in the work all year leading up to my senior year, practicing every day. Senior season I helped lead my team to state semifinals, made the all-state team, and now I'm committed to play in college.” With his hard work paying off, Chris will play on Franciscan University’s soccer team in Steubenville next school year. While there, he’ll be studying criminal justice. In thinking about future careers, Chris said he might be interested in government agencies.

When he’s not competing in sports, Chris finds ways to stay active and have fun. He spends lots of time at the gym and hanging out with friends. During the winter, he takes to the slopes for some skiing action. Chris goes to all the local ski spots as well as a few out-of-state trips with his family to places like Colorado, where he shreds the mountain powder. He also is a fan of fishing. One time, Chris landed a massive 4-foot fish. When asked if that was an impressive size, all he said was “lightweight.”

Many students know Chris for his athletic prowess, but maybe even more know him for his fun quips and personality. Life is never boring in a class with Christian Willis. The reward for sitting next to him is hearing some of the most random comments ever spoken by a human. Recently, he has expanded into the musical genre, as he excels at making up rhymes on the spot about people and things around him. There’s a reason that everyone in Publications class goes to Chris for catchy titles and openers.

Christian Willis is a force of nature. He and his water gun have the most kills in Senior Assassin because he goes all in. Even Chris’s chromebook is afraid of its owner. He is a man of many talents, a very goofy fella, and a good guy.



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