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The Master of Mud

Señor Voege teaches Spanish, but did you know he is also extremely talented when it comes to art? With fantastic sweaters and a sweet demeanor, Hackett’s Spanish teacher is a lovely man and artist. But if Mr. Voege is so good at art why does he teach Spanish?

Mr. Voege received a master's degree in Fine Arts (or MFA) in ceramics from Southern Illinois University, during his time there he switched majors back and forth between Arts and Spanish. While he ultimately decided to become a Spanish teacher, Mr. Voege has the credentials to teach any type of art at the college level. He enjoys woodworking, landscapes, and pottery. Mr. Voege claims he is the “Master of Mud” because of his degree in ceramics.

Before he was a Spanish teacher, Mr. Voege taught ceramics at Kalamazoo Central. The students created beautiful ceramic pieces with the help of Mr. Voege’s artistic abilities. He recently designed his deck based on his experience building decks for his other properties.

Mr. Voege also rents properties as a landlord, truly a jack of all trades. So why does Mr. Voege teach Spanish and not art? “Because Spanish teachers are in short supply,” he said. With the newly renovated Ceramics room at Hackett, maybe students will be able to see a return of “The Master of Mud”!


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