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The Most Exciting Type of Cruise

Amongst the new teachers this year is a veteran, Mr. Stockwell, who served in the Navy for ten years. I interviewed him to learn more about his stories of his time in the military.

Mr. Stockwell told me that he joined the Navy soon after the 9/11 attacks. He knew the military was for him, telling me, "I was going through college not really finding my spot, so I had a talk with my parents and chose the right path for me."

While in the Navy, Mr. Stockwell did three tours, the first of which was off the coast of South America, doing counter-drug ops. His second tour was a cruise around Africa. To finish his service, Mr. Stockwell did a third tour in the Arabian Gulf.

As for his position in the Navy, Mr. Stockwell told me that, "I was an aviation electronics technician. I worked on helicopters." An important part of the team, Mr. Stockwell was responsible for keeping helicopters up in the sky. 

Mr. Stockwell has his favorite moments from his time in the Navy. When I talked to him, he made a distinction between his favorite line-of-duty memory and his favorite overall memory. For his favorite direct service memory, Mr. Stockwell told me that, "In 2009, we were the second ship deployed to help out with the Captain Phillips hostage situation." 

As for his favorite all-time memory, Mr. Stockwell told me that he enjoyed it when he had the chance to go to London. Specifically that, "we were able to go and do this traditional thing that the Royal Navy gets to do, which is march into the Tower of London, and present to the Constable of London a casket of wine."

Mr. Stockwell finished up his time in the Navy after a decade of service, being discharged on February 17, 2012.


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