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Hackett Catholic Prep wishes a sad farewell to long-time staff member; Ms. Preston. Ms. Preston who has been working at Hackett for twelve years has decided to retire and it couldn't be more deserved.

From greeting students in the morning to closing at night, Ms. Preston has touched the hearts of many students and visitors every day. “Every day when I was leaving for KAMSC I would see Ms. Preston and she would always send me off with “have a great day” and that just made me happy,” said senior Charlie Gordon.

Ms. Preston not only does her job she does it in a way that makes the students and others alike feel welcome and happy.

Ms. Preston's decision to retire comes from many factors but the most important one to her is wanting to spend more time with her family and loved ones. “I finally have someone special in my life and we want to travel and spend time together.”

Ms. Preston's years at Hackett were filled with happy memories and funny moments. “I have many favorite memories from Hackett, some include playing dodgeball against the students and being the last person standing.”

Not only did Ms. Preston enjoy these activities with the students, but she also made it a part of her life to attend as many extracurricular activities as she could, such as sporting events, plays, musicals, and graduation ceremonies. These acts show the care and appreciation that she has for the Hackett community.

The Preston Family roots run deep throughout Hackett. Dane and Sydney the children of Ms. Preston each attended Hackett, Dane in 2016, and Sydney in 2018. Both of these children attended college, Dane attended Wester and studied business and computer science, Sydney attended GVSU and earned a degree in Medical Laboratory Science.

Her Children arent the only relatives who attended Hackett, Ms. Preston is part of a “legacy family.” Her parents both attended St. Augustine Highschool as well as her grandpa, Norbert Reisterer. She also had four of her siblings graduate from Hackett along with several nieces and nephews two of which are enrolled at the present moment, Senior Julia Marshall and Junior Jude Coffman.

Ms. Preston will miss this community and gave a message of her appreciation. “I just want to thank everyone for all the support and love since I’ve been a part of the Hackett family. Hackett is a very special place and I feel so fortunate to have been part of the culture for so many years! I will truly miss everyone, but know that you will likely see me around from time to time.”

Memories were made and good times were shared, Ms. Preston has truly touched the lives of the students and people she interacted with and her presence will truly be missed. On behalf of the Hackett Community, thank you for everything, Ms. Preston!


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