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Senior Spotlight: Theresa Keyte, the pearl inside a clam

Everyone can think of someone in their lives who is a person everyone loves. They have the brightest personality, and get along with everyone. Theresa Keyte is one of these people. Theresa is an extremely outgoing, and relatable person that can talk to anyone like they are best friends. 

Theresa loves being with her friends no matter what they are doing. Whether it's going on coffee dates, tanning, or just watching a movie, there is never a dull moment around her. She has such a kind, bubbly spirit and is one of those people who everyone feels comfortable and happy around.

Not only does her personality make her enjoyable to be around, but she is also so relatable. When I met Theresa for the first time my freshman year, I vividly remember thinking she was so sweet and nice and that she reminded me of myself. I could relate to her. 

Something not many people know about Theresa is that she is very musically talented. Everyone knows Theresa is a big swifty and loves listening to Taylor Swift… but what they don't know is that not only does she enjoy listening to Taylor, but one of her favorite hobbies is taking her songs, and learning them on the piano to play and sing.

Theresa is a phenomenal singer, and loves to perform for her friends and family. Her classmate Keegan Gallagher says “Theresa singing is like a pearl inside of a clam. She never addresses it but when youre next to her in mass and can hear her singing you can tell she has a talent.”  

Not only is Theresa musically talented, but she also excels in school and placed among the top 4% of SAT scores in the nation. She also has earned academic excellence, academic all state, a national Spanish exam mención honorífica, and was a 2024 capstone finalist. 

Theresa is a humble, kind, relatable person and will go far in life with her next step being at Ferris State. Give her a bark next time you see her. Go Bulldogs!!!!



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