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Tis the Season to Travel

By: Alex Stanek and Sean Pierucci

From traveling to California for sporting events to visiting family in Mozambique, Hackett students celebrate their Christmas break by traveling around the world. Christmas break offers families an opportunity to utilize their time off to travel, giving students a much needed break from school to spend quality time with friends and family.

While Florida is always a popular vacation destination among Hackett students over break, this year there are more unique travel destinations. For example, the Wild twins who are headed to California for the Rose Bowl and Charles Gordon visiting Sedona. There are even students going out of the country! Estella Cronen is going to Brazil, Celia Harris is going to Mexico, and Julia Marshall is making a trip to the Bahamas. The record for farthest distance is currently awarded to Jose Mussequejua, who is visiting his family in Mozambique. He says “there is nothing better than relaxing after exams,” and that’s exactly what he intends to do.

Some students are not seeking out the warmer weather other states and countries could provide, opting instead to travel to states like Colorado in order to go skiing over the holidays. Jack Prom is one such man who can’t wait to hit the slopes. The Zeiglers are making a trip to Colorado as well, but are a part of the Florida crowd too.

The students at Hackett have some very fortunate opportunities during Christmas break to relax and enjoy themselves. Whether in sunshine or snow, we wish everyone safe travels and a wonderful holiday season!


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