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Titan Infusion

After many weeks of hard work, the Hackett Band is proud to introduce the brand new halftime show for the 2023 football season. If you enjoy music and football, then you should come to the home games and support the United football team and the Hackett Band.

This year, the Hackett Marching Band’s halftime show is titled “Latin Infusion”. The show incorporates three songs, Tio Macaco by Snarky Puppy, Novus by Santana, and Malaguena by Ernesto Lecuona.

The band dedicated the first week of August to learning all the drill to the show and the brand new music. The drill is the different spots where each individual marches to throughout the halftime show, creating a uniform shape between the whole band. It is important that they learn as much of the drill before the school year starts since the band needs a large amount of time to go through the drill and turn it into muscle memory. This year they were successful in learning all of the drill before the school year began.

For this upcoming show, the band will only play and march the first two songs, as it is better to perform two songs near perfectly instead of trying to cram another song. Mr. Peters, the band director couldn’t have said it any better, “We’ve met our goal to have what we want for the show prepared for the first game. Every year we only have so much of the show ready before Labor Day and we just keep adding to it each week throughout the season with our goal being the Portage Central Invitational at the end of September and the MSBOA Marching Festival mid-October. By the time of the last home game, it’ll be fully ready.”

With this being said, the band has faced multiple challenges to get to where they are at right now. We asked Mr. Peters the biggest obstacle in preparing this year's show to which he replied, “In a band program that has so many students involved in so many additional activities, it is no small feat to get everyone scheduled to line up to rehearse together, and so my compliments go to the young people in band who made being together a priority to make a good show.” Being in a smaller community, every student has their own different schedules. According to one of the students, a challenge they faced was the difficulty of having their full section present at a single time due to conflicting schedules. However, they still managed to push through and thoroughly believe that they are prepared and ready. The band is excited to perform and hopes to see you at all of the home games. Go United!


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