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Touching Hearts and Building Character

On the night of Monday, February 12, the boy's basketball team presented letters written to their mothers. It was an emotional event that impacted both the players and the mothers of the players.

Coach Basler took the idea to write letters of gratitude to mothers from NFL legend Russell Wilson. Wilson wrote an emotional letter of gratitude to his mother in 2017. Coach Basler felt that this would be a great way to build character beyond the sport of basketball.

This was an emotional event marked by the tears of many mothers who loved the genuine gratitude expressed by their sons. Junior Liam Roth said, “Seeing the mothers' tears and overwhelming emotion really speaks to the power of this project.” 

The players were both emotionally impacted as well. Senior Christian Willis said, “I hope no one ever takes their mother for granted, they truly do so much.” This powerful event is a small part of the basketball team's character-building efforts.


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