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Transfer Students Find A Home

Many Hackett students have grown up in the CSGK school system, but some transfer in during high school. Whether they attended public schools previously, another private school, or even homeschool, Hackett has proven itself as a welcoming community for these students.

Junior, Brooks Basler, was homeschooled before he came to Hackett in 9th grade. When asked about how long it took to feel a part of the community, he answered “Not long; within the first semester.” To help that process, he took part in extracurriculars and sports such as football in the fall.

Hackett offers a large selection of activities through which new students can meet and make friends. There are lots of sports to choose from each season, and participating in these gives students a chance to socialize outside the classroom and school hours. Even without prior experience in a certain sport, Hackett athletics are open to all.

Senior, Hosanna Ndikumana, went to school in Zimbabwe before coming to the US and attending Hackett for 11th grade. While it took some time to adjust, she said, “The people here are nice, and the students and teachers make you feel at home.” Hosanna also recommends extracurriculars– she plays softball, goes to debate club, women’s history club, art club, and Earth club. In talking about the role of the teachers, she says, “The teachers are so nice, they offer after school time if you’re struggling in class…and you can always ask questions.”

Hackett is prepared for all students, not just those who grew up in local Catholic schools. In the activities offered, the excellent staff, and the kindness of the community, anyone can find a home here.


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